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PLL - Hanna [coffee]
tunnels_of_loce wrote in tvstamping

Name: Kelly
Gender: Female
Are you over 13?: Yep!
Would you like a male, female or both stamps?: I just need one, and it doesn't matter if it's male or female

Describe your personality: I'm a very compassionate person and I try to be as supportive as I can -- I'd do anything for my family and friends. They mean the world to me! I'm a bit withdrawn in the sense that it can be really hard for me to open up about my feelings and I tend to bottle them up inside. I also don't like confrontations, and if someone does something I disagree with I tend to just let it go. I think I'm pretty independent - at least for a student who doesn't have a full-time job (meaning I still rely on my parents for some things). It can be a bad thing because I don't often ask for help, even if I need it, but I don't like relying on others. They've usually let me down, so I don't do that anymore. I like to have fun and goof around, but I can also be serious. I am pretty idealistic and I like to dream a lot about what my life COULD be like, but I also think that I'm grounded and I know what the reality of my situation is. I could make my dreams come true, but it is going to take a lot of hard work and I know that, and I'm not afraid of that. I'm very laid-back and I don't get upset or offended easily - it really takes a LOT to make me mad. Also, I just think that I'm a nice person. I'm a bit shy when it comes to meeting people for the first time, but I'm very friendly and polite.
My Meyers-Briggs personality type is INFP (introverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving) and my iPersonic type is the Dreamy Idealist. :)
Positive Adjectives: Sweet, compassionate, friendly, fiercely loyal, independent
Negative Adjectives: Reserved, a procrastinator, indecisive, sarcastic, stubborn
Likes: Reading (I have more books than I have room on my bookshelves, and I love it that way), watching movies, being with my friends, drinking coffee, my dog, flowers, stars, rain, baking and baked goods, writing, music, theater, Disney, Harry Potter, Audrey Hepburn, shoes, things that are pink!
Dislikes: Oranges, beets, ticks, deep water, smoking, arrogance, rudeness, people who complain about things but don't bother to do anything to change it, gum-chewing and other loud, obnoxious chewing sounds, sounds people make when they sleep.
What are your goals in life and for the future? I want to do well in the nursing program at school, and graduate and get a good job. I really want to travel a lot, and I especially want to take a trip to Walt Disney World and the new Harry Potter park with my friend. I want to fall in love! And I just really want to be generally happy and successful.

Introverted or extroverted: Introverted. I love meeting new people and hanging out with my friends, but I definitely need my alone time.
A realist, an idealist, an optimist or a pessimist: I'm an optimist and an idealist, but I also have my pessimistic tendencies and I also think I have a good sense of reality.
Confident or shy: I can be shy sometimes, mostly around people I don't know, but I'm also becoming much more confident.
Emotional or stoic: Emotional, but I don't always show it.
Selfish or selfless: try to be mostly selfless, but I also don't think anyone is completely selfless. We're all at least a little bit selfish - we have to be.
Hate or love: Love!
Leader or follower: I don't consider myself to be much of a leader, but I will step up when I need to. I'm also not going to do something just because everyone else is.
Organized or chaotic: Organized
Humorous or serious: Both, and I think I know when to be both as well.
Brains or Beauty: Brains
Calm or Temperamental: Calm
Stubborn or Accepting: Both, it really depends on the situation.

Have you seen the show?: Nope
If not, why?: I don't know, I just never had much of an interest in it, I guess
If yes, did you like it?: N/A
Which of the characters is nothing like you in your opinion? (Please limit this to two):

The obligatory 4 votes
Or I am awesome and I've checked this box [X] because I've voted on all those who need votes.

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(Deleted comment)
I def. think Haley is the best fit.

Going off the descriptions, but I completely agree with Haley!

I feel like I'm sheeping, but my first thought was Haley. Your personality is pretty balanced in terms of being emotional yet also grounded, and Haley strikes me as the character most like that.

I would say Haley with some Nathan. ♥

I'm seeing Haley for you :)

sorry to sheep, but haley definitely seems like a good fit to me!♥

Haley with some Mouth.

Sweet and stubborn = Haley.

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