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vetica wrote in tvstamping

Name: Jørgen
Gender: Male
Are you over 13?: Yes, I'm 20.
Would you like a male, female or both stamps?: Both please.

Describe your personality: I am a very positive person who loves to express myself creativily. I've always loved acting and attention, but these last two years, that has changed a bit. I'm more into creating movies, making stories and characters. I am caring and a good listener. A good liar. I have big plans for my life, and I really want to move away from Norway and to US. Maybe NY or LA. I need something bigger than Norway. I have a good eye for aesthetics.
Positive Adjectives: Adventurous, happy, open-minded, creative, big dreams, loyal.
Negative Adjectives: Procrastination, blunt, egocentric, loner.
Likes: Acting, making movies, friends, talking, watch tv, photography.
Dislikes: Pessimistic people.
What are your goals in life and for the future? To live a happy and successfull life. Probably as a director for a tv-show. Or winning the lottery and travel the world. Or being an actor.

Introverted or extroverted: It depends a lot on the situation. But most of the time Introverted.
A realist, an idealist, an optimist or a pessimist: Optimist.
Confident or shy: Confident
Emotional or stoic: Stoic (i'm more dramatic than emotional. like i don't cry, but i show emotions)
Selfish or selfless: Both. Selfish when it comes to work. Selfless when it comes to every day stuff.
Hate or love: Love
Leader or follower: Leader most of the time.
Organized or chaotic: Organized
Humorous or serious: Humorous
Brains or Beauty: Beauty
Calm or Temperamental: Calm
Stubborn or Accepting: Accepting

Have you seen the show?: Yes
If not, why?: -
If yes, did you like it?: It's my favorite show. Always will be.
Which of the characters is nothing like you in your opinion? (Please limit this to two): Ben and Michael.

The obligatory 4 votes
Or I am awesome and I've checked this box [ ] because I've voted on all those who need votes.

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Okay so, I see a lot of different characters for you. Your drive and determination remind me of John, but that's about all of him that I see in you. The same thing pointed me toward Juliet, but once again, there are things that you wrote that swayed me away from her. Others I can see include Jack and even Sun, but I think I'm pretty confident in my votes for Sawyer and Kate.

Sawyer is everywhere in this app. He comes off as introverted to me, and pretty accepting most of the time. He has his temperamental moments (understandably) but is very serene and calm when they first crash on the island. He's definitely everything you mentioned in your traits - your negatives especially make me think of him.

Kate is a little harder to see, and I definitely debated voting for Juliet instead, but your This or That answers swayed me. She's both selfish and selfless, very confident, and while not stoic, there aren't really any females on the show who could be described as such. Like I said, this was a bit of a strained match, but I think she fits you the best. :)

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