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savaburry wrote in tvstamping

Name: Savannah
Gender: female
Are you over 13?: 18
Would you like a male, female or both stamps?: hmm, both plz! hahah love it too much to skip tbh

Describe your personality: +/-
Positive Adjectives: funny, honest, independent, wacky/silly, understanding, accepting
Negative Adjectives: witty, sarcastic, cynical, pessimistic, blunt, mean, uncaring
Likes: TV ON DVD PLZ (one tree hill [best show ever], smallville, bones, fresh prince, glee, community), oh yes COMMUNITY HAHAHH, music, stamping, twitter is a new love again, reading
Dislikes: right now, i cant think of any..theres no school because there was ice this morning LOL
What are your goals in life and for the future? to make a lot of money so i can feed my dvd addiction

Introverted or extroverted: extrovert
A realist, an idealist, an optimist or a pessimist: total realist thats pessimistic. dont blame me, its a learned behavior #TRUEFACT
Confident or shy: confident for the most part
Emotional or stoic: stoic
Selfish or selfless: a mix of both depending on what it is that i have to do and whatnot
Hate or love: love plz
Leader or follower: leader
Organized or chaotic: chaotic HAHAHAH. although, i can be organized
Humorous or serious: humorous
Brains or Beauty: brains
Calm or Temperamental: temperamental
Stubborn or Accepting: both depending on the situation

Have you seen the show?: i started watching it last night with kaela and OMG HAHHAHAH ITS SO FUNNY
If not, why?:
If yes, did you like it?: i love it! i love everything about it
Which of the characters is nothing like you in your opinion? (Please limit this to two): i like them all so really, you guys have free reign here hahahah

The obligatory 4 votes
Or I am awesome and I've checked this box [ ] because I've voted on all those who need votes.

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I see you as Britta and Pierce from this app.

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